Kshethram Festivals

Kumba Bharani

Bharani is considered as the birth star of the Thazhoor bhagavathi. There of the bharanis of Makaram, Kumbham, Meenam and Medam are celebrated, Of these Kumbha Bharani( Bharani Nakshathram of Kumbhama month of Malayalam era-kolla varsham-, comes in March-April) is being celebrated very distinctly and with much importance.

The Koottakolangal

A padayani offering to devi as Bhairavi, Marutha, Kaalan, Kanjiramala, Pakshi, Yakshi etc are the main offerings to devi. These kolams are made of natural green lathes of aracanut trees designed and coloured with natural colours and fixed on aracanut frames. The kolams and its processions are offerings to devi by devotees. These kolams are prepared by special folk artists at the devotees house. On the Bharani day after the sunset these are brought to the temple and offered to devi. The process is called kolam ezhunellippu and is accompanied by folk musical instruments(Thappu and Chenda). The offered kolams are kept in the temple premises which may cross even hundred in numbers. After midnight these kolams are carried by folk artists called Vadhayars and Thullal is performed accompanied with Kolam Paattukal and Thappu Melam. No other place have such a credit of Kolams more than 100 at a day as offerings, other than Thazhoor. Crowd gathered over Kolam Thullal and ezhunallathu even crosses over lakhs which includes several foreigners. Aappindi and Chamaya vilakku are the other attractive offerings which are beautiful to witness.


The temple is also famous for the folk arts and the "Kettukaazhcha" procession with Kaala (bull motif) and Kuthira vela (horse motif).

Navarathri Pooja and Navaha Yajnam (Thazhoor Aattavisheshangal)

A Devi Bhagavatha chanting for 9 days, and introduction of the young kids to the world of letters ? Vidhyarambham.

Mandala Kaala Chirappu

Special offerings and pooja to Dharma Saastha from Nov 16- Dec 26 approximately.

Kumbha Pongala

The Pongala celebration commences on the morning of Kumbham 1. The women, dressed in traditional clean costumes for the occasion, offer Naivedyam to the goddess with their bare hands. The Goddess (Amma) accepts the offerings from thousands of devotees. It is believed that viewing Amma in all her glory at this time will free one from all sins and evils.


A Paraezhunnellippu is held in the Malayalam month of Kumbham that ends on the Vishu day in the month of Medam. The Paraezhunnellippu is spread all over Vazhamuttom east, Vazhamuttom, Pramadam, Mullanikadu and Vallicode. The Parazhumallippu will cover every Hindu family in those localities. The devotees have this occasion to present as offerings, tender coconuts and seeds.


On Vishu a joint procession of dietis fromThazhoor kodumthara and Valamchuzhy temples will reach at Kodumthara Subramanya Subramanya Swami temple, accompanied by a huge number of devotees from Pathanamthitta Sastham kovil.

In connection with Pallivetta there is a joint procession with Vallicodu Sree Pathmanabha Swami Temple.

The temple is also a chosen premise for many wedding ceremonies with people coming in to conduct marriage rituals.

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